*Shipped by Purolator Canada-wide*
Oxygen cylinder is shipped full. Shipped via dangerous goods through Purolator Canada. There is a surcharge for shipping.
NWT, Yukon & Nunavut, please contact for shipping quotes.
Emergency Kit
Emergency Response kit. CPR & airway management. Kit is designed for EMT professionals.

Item ID: E911

1 x D Cylinder w/ Oxygen
1 x Clamshell Carrying Bag
8 x Airways (40-110mm in Ziploc Pkg.)
1 x Disposable Adult BVM
1 x 0-15LPM Adjustable Regulator
1 x Wrench & Strap
1 x Adult High Conc. Mask w/ Tubing
1 x Pediatric High Conc. Mask w/ Tubing
1 x Adult & 1 x Pediatric Cannula
2 x Pairs of Latex Free Gloves
1 X MDI Spacer & Mask
1 x Surgitube bandaging with applicator
1 x kit with triangle bandaging, gauze pads, face shield, roll of bandage
$479.95 CAD each
Item ID: E911X

Identical as above but without oxygen

$459.95 CAD each
To request a formal quote please email us at customerservice@emeready.ca
Emeready Oxygen kits are available to ship to anywhere in Canada including the following Provinces. Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Northwest Terrotories (NWT), Yukon Territories, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI (Prince Edward Island) and Newfoundland & Labrador.
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